Legal Agreement: Terms of Service

Coworking Service and Use Agreement for Community Membership

Welcome to Second Shift!


We are thrilled to have you join us. Second Shift is a professional coworking community within a shared environment. To help each other work, grow, and succeed in this space, Members must adhere to following the agreement outlined below, which is based upon principles of mutual support and respect for each other and Second Shift as a physical space.


The term “space” refers to Second Shift LLC, a registered LLC in the state of Illinois.

1) Use of Space and Personal Liability
• Keep all areas clean, neat and throw away your trash.
• Absolutely no unlawful, damaging, or destructive use of space including any part of the building,
common areas, and exterior spaces.
• You assume any and all risk for your actions within or arising from, use of our space, including full financial responsibility and legal responsibility.
• Your membership, or other agreed use of our space, does not create or give you any tenancy, leasehold, or other real property rights or interests whatsoever.

2) Respect, Responsibility, Safety, Privacy, and the Safekeeping of Belongings
• You must at all times respect, protect, and refrain from endangering, injuring, interfering with, or invading others and the personal property and privacy of all others at Second Shift, its common areas, or exterior space, including but not limited to staff, members, guests, service providers, and other people. You are personally responsible for any injuries caused to other people, or any financial costs or legal responsibility as a result of your interaction, communication, or dealings with other people and
• You assume complete and sole responsibility for your own safety and privacy at Second Shift, its
common areas, or exterior space, and for the security and safekeeping of your own property and privacy, as well as for the safety, property, and privacy of your guests and invitees, along with all risk, cost, and liability.

3) Second Shift Assumes No Business Liability
• While Second Shift may provide you with workspace and meeting space, Second Shift is not and will not be responsible or liable for your business conduct. You are fully and solely responsible, at your sole cost and expense, for your own business conduct and for the cost of any and all business liability
and other insurance which you may deem necessary.
• If you create, or are involved with any personal, business, or legal dealings of which Second Shift is knowingly or unknowingly involved, you are fully responsible for any financial or legal costs that Second Shift incurs as a result.
• Second Shift takes adequate precautions for the safekeeping of its members and their belongings, however, we do not assume responsibility for lost or stolen items. As such, you do or will obtain, at your sole cost and expense, property insurance or other insurance you deem necessary.

4) Guests and Membership Privileges
• As a member of Second Shift you are able to invite clients to meet with you on-site or have guests come visit for a short period of time. All guests must adhere to all Second Shift terms and rules outlined in this agreement.
• You are 100% responsible, both financially and legally, for the actions, communications, and dealings of your guests.
• Your membership can be immediately revoked without refund because of actions taken by you, your guests, your business associates, your service providers, or any other visitors or invitees on your behalf.
• A person that continually meets you at Second Shift (for example: every week, or every few days) and stays for an extended period of time is no longer considered a guest and must purchase an actual
coworking membership.
• Second Shift reserves the right to determine when a recurring guest is considered a candidate for membership.

5) Access
• The Community Membership provides you access to Second Shift on Mondays through Fridays, between the hours of 6am to 10pm.
• You will never give your personal access code to anyone, regardless if they are a member of Second Shift or not.
• You will not open the door for, or allow access to anyone (if they do not have an access code, they cannot enter).
• You will at all times adhere to all membership rules, even when no staff or other people are present in
the space.
• There is no sleeping or living at Second Shift, or using our space or services as replacement for a residence or the services typically used within a residence, including but not limited to internet, bathroom, and kitchen areas.

6) Membership Payment and Renewal
• Membership is billed month to month.
• Membership is automatically renewed on the 1st of each month unless explicitly canceled by member.
• Members are committed to a minimum of 1 month membership. Membership dues are
paid each month, and not up front at time of registration.
• Notice of cancellation for a member must occur at least 15 days before the next billing date (the 1st of each month).

7) Violation of Terms and Revocation of Membership
• If any terms of this agreement are violated, the decision to issue you a warning, or to revoke your membership without refund, is entirely up to the decision of Second Shift. As a member you may submit a written response or summary to Second Shift regarding the incident within 48 hours of its
occurrence, but the final decision regarding membership and all fees is solely up to Second Shift.